Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Best all around doctor in town

“This doctor is amazing. I had a wonderful experience. His team of assistants and front desk girls are amazing. I have had migranes for over 30 years now. I have been seeing Dr. Wagner for 2 months now and havent had one since. I used to get about 3 per month. I am so happy and definitely recommend chiropractic from Dr. Wagner to everyone in Albemarle County!!! They have my back:)” – Cathryn (Cate)

Great doc

“great experience- great care, felt like a celebrity” – Mason




“I have had back issues for over ten years. Stenosis, herniated discs, pinched nerves. I have been to a dozen doctors and were told I will always have issues. Pain Management was my new normal. I started seeing Dr Wagner last year in July. 10 weeks later I was pain free and able to do everything I wanted to do. It’s now been 10 months since I last saw him. (I know Doc, I need to come in for a check up) I am still pain free and love taking long walks, bike riding and the best part is No more Pain! Thank you Dr Wagner! You have changed my life!” – Kurt Luebbert

“This place is beyond amazing I was told to years ago I needed surgery on my back for a bad pinch nerve I could not even stand up straight. I looked all over for other options. Friend told me about Scott Wagner I came in and he seen the pain I was in did all x rays and fixed me up in less then 6 weeks I would have never imagined it would work. But it did and I thank God he was there to guide me to Scott and be able to fix my back so I didn’t have to get surgery. And I’m one I have to see it to believe and it worked. Thanks again Scott and team.” – Tyler King

“I love this place. It is a joy to come here. I feel so much better. Everyone is so friendly & makes me feel at home. They have become my good friends.
I recommend them highly.”
– Brenda Bickley

“Amazing place!! Love going when I get the chance! 5 kids doesn’t allow me to go super often but I enjoy my me time to get adjusted and when I bring all my kids everyone is super sweet and helpful.” – Lindsey O’neill

“I love your office. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Your team explained everything in great detail, care plan and financial obligations. The videos are informative as well. I will recommend your practice to my family and friends. I have my appointments all set up. Thanks” – Denise Bowler-Minor

“These guys changed my life. These guys have changed my life after not 1 but 2 car accidents in the last 6 months. First class operation throughout!” – Ray Caddell