Video Testimonials

Anti Gravity Technology Testimonial With Jackie

Wayne: Training For The Olympics

Arlene: Running Injury

Matt: Accident Recovery

Anti Gravity Technology Testimonial With Arlene

Anti Gravity Technology Testimonial With Wayne

Anti Gravity Technology With Matt

Grand Opening

Elaine Anderson: Shoulder Pain

Jeff Lapierre: Recovering From Knee Surgery

Dylan Burleson: Elbow & Shoulder Pain

Brian Kelly: Leg and Heel Pain

Millie Shipe: Trouble Sleeping

Seth Johnston: Work Injury

Izzie Azeke: Former Athlete

Dr. Wagner Helped Seth Beat His Back And Neck Pain

Dr. Wagner Helped Cynthia With Her Lower Back Pain

Dr. Wagner Helped Sharon Get Rid Of Her Headaches

Will Cosby: Back, Hips & Shoulders

Patti Heckel: Better Range Of Motion

Peter Ochs: Sciatica Pain

Michael Gore: Knee Pain

Luke Newton: No More Headaches

Mary Landry: Injured on Vacation

Teresa Meriwether: Sciatica and Numbness

Pam Rossetter: Back Injury

Kevin Graham: Headaches and Migraines

Lindsay Johnson: New Mother

Dr. Wagner Helped Jody With Her Leg Pain

Will Cosby Is Now Pain Free!

Pam Rossetter No Longer Has Back Pain

Scott Wagner Helped Tara With Her Migraines

Sean Singletary Got Help At Scott Wagner Chiropractic

Chris Long Loves Dr. Scott Wagner

Joseph Sanford